We all are born in a nebula of gas and astral dust.

This reflexion in 2008 on the origin of the world and the very remote birth of humankind, gave me the idea to produce a series of digital photographs entitled ASTRE. Most of these are composed from images produced by medical radiography and MRI.

Images intended to facilitate the anatomical and functional studies of brain, spinal column, shoulder or hip I treat like

ingredients, distorting and coloring them to resemble the suppo- sed stars. Sometimes a diagnostic is incorporated in the work.
All suggest a cartography of thought and functionality expanded to cosmic scale, in such manner that the human body confronts the evolution of the stars which are key components of the Universe.

Thanks to these advanced methods of observation, especially the exploitation of the High frequency electromagnetic waves, humankind has acquired today an even more powerful tool with which to survey not only the starry sky but the human body aslo.
This new technology provides access to a better understanding

of the structure and functioning of both the external universe - macrocosm - and the internal world - microcosm.

Although they may seem eternal, the stars are born, live and die. During their life, between the birth and death, these stellar bodies endure a rather agitated existence, modifying their living conditions and consequently those of succesive generations.
Between the celestial body and the human body : in this dichotomy, I discovered an analogy, a sharing in the mystery of existence, of lifespan and of final becoming.


SERIES, 28 X 21 CM, 2004